Please read and sign the waiver before attending class. By signing this waiver, you are also agreeing to our studio policies



By enrolling in Oak Cliff Dance, I acknowledge that I have read all of the above and agree to abide by all Oak Cliff Dance policies. In consideration of Oak Cliff Dance’s commitment to maintain a safe facility, I release and hold harmless Oak Cliff Dance, its employees, administrators and contractors from any and all liability. I also release permission for photographs to be used in Oak Cliff Dance promotional materials, including but not limited to: website, brochures, posters, advertisements and programs

I will comply with the rules and regulations of Oak Cliff Dance and accept complete responsibility for student’s participation releasing Oak Cliff Dance, its directors, and staff responsible for any damages or liabilities in the event of theft, accident, disability or injury during or resulting from my child's participation in any capacity of or relating to any function or activity of the said Oak Cliff Dance, associates or studio location. I hereby assume all financial responsibility for above student(s) enrolled at Oak Cliff Dance. I further understand that I will be charged for all classes until I have notified Oak Cliff Dance of my or my child's withdrawal from classes.

I have read the information in the General Information and Policy Agreement Document and agree to abide by the policies as stated. 

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